Days 4 and 5!

First hurdle – Nailed it!!

So I’m back from my 3 day convention and I’m elated to report that I stayed 100% on plan! Can I get a WOO HOO?! I’m not gonna lie – day 4 was my worst day so far. I woke up tired and I craved sweets all day and I had a headache off and on throughout the day as well. I found something that works if I am close to cheating – I talk myself out of it.  Out loud – but not in front of people! It works if I want a snack but am not hungry, too. I ask myself “Why do you want that _____?” “Are you really hungry?” Honest to God, it really works! I also use one of my “phone a friend” lifelines. The day before yesterday I knew I had a Larabar (Coconut cream – my fav) in my purse in case of emergency.  I kept obsessing over that because I wanted a snack…but I wasn’t hungry.  So, I called my daughter and asked her to talk me off the ledge…and it worked.  Before long, we were talking and I forgot all about wanting that Larabar. I’m not a person to ask for help – but I’m here to tell you – JUST DO IT! I am surrounded by so many awesome people that I know would talk me off the ledge anytime, so I’m going to use that lifeline more often.  And you should too!

Today was so much better.  Headache free and not sleepy at all.  Maybe I am coming out of the “hangover” phase.  I sure hope so.

This is what I’ve had to eat the last 2 days:

Day 4

Breakfast – 2 boiled eggs with a mini cup of guac and a banana

Lunch – Salad made up of romaine lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes and grilled chicken – dressed with evoo and vinegar.

Dinner – Another grilled chicken salad and a pack of raw cashews.  Convention food!

Snack – Plantain chips and mini cup of guac.

Day 5

Breakfast – Banana and almond butter.

Lunch – Salad made up of baby kale and spinach, olives, green snap peas, tomatoes, grapes and grilled chicken dressed with homemade w30 mayo.

Snack – Carrots and guac.

Dinner – Pork roast, cauliflower fried rice with veggies and cantelope.

Tomorrow is day 6 AND Game Day – GEAUX TIGERS!

Goodnight –