Day 2 –

So tired…..and achy

Hi all!  Today I was really tired….the kind of tired that coffee can’t even touch.  The kind of tired where you yawn ALL day and could just curl up in a ball and sleep.  I couldn’t figure out why.  I went to bed at a decent hour and I slept well.  Then I remembered that there is an actual section in the book called “the wholthe30 timeline”.   (“book” refers to The Whole30 book).  Being the genius that I am, I turned to the “Days 2 to 3:  The hangover” section.  Hmmm.  The Hangover?  Nice.  So apparently during these days of the program, you may feel “hangover like”  And it gets better – “The amount of suck you experience in this phase is directly proportional to the amount of junk you comsumed before you began the program.” Honestly, I’m surprised I don’t feel worse!  This could last several days.  Ughhhh.  The prescription is to drink lots of water, rest, take it easy on excercise and keep making good food choices.  I’m going to take a multi vitamin in the morning to see if that helps.  I’ll report back on that!

Other than feeling tired and achy – today has been really good, food wise.  Here’s what I ate today:

Breakfast:  Left overs from last night and coffee.

Lunch:  Chili Lime Chicken Patty from Trader Joe’s and a salad made up of baby kale and spinach, tomato, snap peas, grapes, sunflower seeds , dressed with evoo and vinegar.

Dinner:  Romaine lettuce leaves (3 to be exact) stuffed with left over port roast, tomato, snap peas and avocado with roasted sweet potato chunks on the side.

Also, I might have snacked on a few plantain chips from Trader Joe’s before dinner – just a few and they are totally legal!

Day 2 in the books – moving on to day 3!