3rd Time’s a Charm!

The Whole30

The day before Day 1

Well, this is it!  Welcome to my blog!  I have been pondering for some time about starting a blog for anyone like me…..has the BEST OF INTENTIONS of eating healthy, getting into shape (physically and mentally!) but falling short most of the time!  Can I get an AMEN?!

Soooo, I have tried the Whole 30 a couple of times.  First I did the “Whole 9“, and recently I did the “Whole 5“.  I’m blogging about my third attempt at the Whole 30 and I’m taking you on this adventure with me.

Why, you ask?  A couple of reasons:  I need a way to hold myself accountable and I hope to  gain a few new friends who want to take this journey with me, encourage me or be encouraged!!!

I will post my daily Whole 30 compliant meals and my thoughts of the day.  I will also share any great products or hacks that make this lifestyle easier.  I travel quite a bit with my job, so this should be very interesting.  I think that I am quite the resourceful gal so I know I can make this work!

It’s late.  I’ve been driving all day after visiting my sister and it’s time for some sleep. But before I can go to bed, I have to confess – I did get an Oreo Cookie Blast from Sonic on my way home.   I had to make certain that all the shenanigans were out of my system…..after all, tomorrow is Day 1.